Power, engineering and construction companies need to hire qualified technical experts in order to satisfy the technical staffing demands of complex projects. Recruitment practices will also be global for highly specialized skill sets. Where appropriate, businesses may also have an obligation to hire local expertise.

Project success depends on having the right abilities at the right time in the right place. But recruiting is in itself a skill. Recruiters need a detailed understanding of the labor market, access to a robust contact database, the ability to perform a global search, as well as the presence of local knowledge to make the most of it.

For employers, the challenge goes beyond hiring. Recruiting international workers brings additional duties, such as acquiring visas and work permits, negotiating local employment laws and maintaining compliance with national and international taxes. For retaining specialist staff, quality ongoing employer support services are also important.

We hire highly skilled and experienced technical personnel for the oil, engineering and construction companies as a leading provider of technical staffing services. Our service doesn't end at the recruiting point. We give you a full Total Quality Assurance approach, providing you and your staff with vital support services. Our mission is to be your partner, take care of all your professional recruiting needs, and save time and money by reducing both the time and cost of recruitment and eventually concentrating on your core business.

Our technical staffing services include mobilization of technical consultants, technicians, engineers, managers, and other professionals in the following fields:

  • - Exploration and Production
  • - Inspection / Quality Control
  • - Health, Safety, and Environment
  • - Supply Chain and Procurement
  • - Controls and Project Management

Our Technical Staffing Services offer a complete solution to your recruitment needs. At every point of recruiting and employment, we work to find the best applicants, provide logistical support, and work to build meaningful long-term relationships between our clients and our staff.