Education is a fundamental human right and is indispensable for the achievement of sustainable development. We are only able to empower girls, combat climate change, fight inequality and end extreme poverty if all stakeholders, including business, commit themselves to advancing the education goal. While education needs globally are immense, companies can leverage their resources and core competencies to support governments in delivering on their promise of education for all. Strong leadership by business can help unlock the necessary investments to ensure quality learning opportunities for all children and adults.

The business case to invest in education can range from improving brand leadership to developing the capacity of future employees and building a more diverse employee pipeline. Education can help address the mismatch between skills of the available workforce and job vacancies, which is a key problem in many markets. Business can make long-term strategic investments in education that will lead to a larger, more talented pool of future employees. Investing in education can be a source of innovation and facilitate access to new markets.

Education is often a local issue, which will require businesses to work within local education systems and in communities to determine the best utilization of resources. Business should apply best practices to engage responsibly in education, including promoting sustainable development topics in higher education, and support the public sector’s ability to provide inclusive and equitable quality learning opportunities for all.